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PHNIX R290 HeatMaster Series Heat Pump——Born for Low Carbon and Efficient Commercial Water Heating

Date: 2022-07-19 00:00:00 Hits: 772

Guangzhou, China, July 15th-Today, with rising costs and limited availability of power and space, economic and efficient water heating has become essential. Comfort, productivity and greater efficiencies in large commercial buildings and facilities largely depend on capabilities of their water heaters. What’s more, energy efficiency in water heating units assumes even greater importance in critical manufacturing premises, large commercial spaces and residential buildings that need superior water heating management. Therefore, PHNIX brings to the global stage R290 HeatMaster Series, which has many advantages such as low GWP, zero ozone layer damage and high efficiency, aiming to bring a more economical water heating solution to commercial projects and reduce carbon emission and curb global warming.

PHNIX R290 HeatMaster Series Heat Pump——Born for Low Carbon and Efficient Commercial Water Heating

As a leading heat pump manufacturer, PHNIX has been dedicated to commercial heat pump water heating solution for as long as 20 years. Also, with many successful commercial applications all over the world and mature commercial heat pump technologies, PHNIX has become a top brand in heat pump industry. This time, PHNIX has developed the R290 air to water heat pump - HeatMaster Series with a GWP of 3 and an ODP of 0, which can aid in the achievement of the global goal of carbon neutrality.


PHNIX R290 HeatMaster Series Heat Pump——Born for Low Carbon and Efficient Commercial Water Heating

To understand how this solution delivers high level of performance, it is necessary to understand the collaborative functioning of its constituent parts:


1. Eco-friendly

Low GWP and Zero ODP, the R290 refrigerant contributes to carbon emission reduction and global warming curbing. PHNIX applies R290 refrigerant to HeatMaster Series heat pump without harming the ozone layer and help achieve global carbon neutrality.


2. Energy-efficient

With the combination of R290 refrigerant and inverter heating technology, it has optimal performance from -25℃ to 43℃, which can run safely and reliably all year round with high COP. The max. outlet water temp. can reach 75℃ without electric heating to guarantee protection against legionella. More significantly, it can even connect to solar water heating systems, various gas boiler water heating systems and electric water heating systems.


3. Smart control

Fitted with a plug-and-play 4G DTU module, it can communicate with the web platform via the cloud server. Project managers and technicians can monitor and manage the heat pump at all times. PHNIX's DTU cloud server is located in Europe, ensuring the security and stability of data transmission.


"In the context of the sharp increase in global fuel prices, to save costs and better meet this major economic challenge, the introduction of this heat pump to meet the long-term, high-volume demand for hot water seems to be the perfect choice and will gradually become a necessity." Says Troy Wang, sales director in charge of PHNIX Commercial HVAC Sales division.



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