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Exhibition Preview | PHNIX New R290 Pool Heat Pump Will Firstly Show up at PISCINE GLOBAL Expo 2022

Date: 2022-11-04 00:00:00 Hits: 790

Guangzhou, China, Nov. 4th - PISCINE GLOBAL Expo, the leading swimming pool and wellness event in Europe, which will be held in Lyon, France from 15th to 18th November, 2022. In PHNIX, intensive preparations are underway for the arrival of the show, intending to demonstrate its latest products and innovations in pool technology from China to visitors on-site.


Exhibition Preview | PHNIX New R290 Pool Heat Pump Will Firstly Show up at PISCINE GLOBAL Expo 2022

Boosted by heavily growing demand for pools which is becoming normal in everyday life, PISCINE GLOBAL EUROPE is the international gathering of innovative pool solutions. Covering a space of 117m2, PHNIX booth(Hall 5, 5E94) will demonstrate two series lines of the newest products, which are i-GreenLine Series and SpecialLine Series. Especially, the debut of PHNIX R290 swimming pool heat pumps on the show would get eyed more, and two of them will be displayed in wonderful transparent cabinets. Furthermore, the Energy Management System and PV-ready for PHNIX’s swimming heat pumps will be shown this time.


“In this context of rapid climate change, the energy transition opens up new prospects for development and business in the heat pump industry. PHNIX always upgrades its products that keep pace with the times. Therefore, at the beginning of this year, we tried to apply R290 in our pool heat pumps and did it. These R290 products will also be shown to our visitors at PISCINE Global Exhibition.” Said Howard Zhang, General Manager of PHNIX Overseas Swimming Pool Business Division. “Also, this kind of international trade fair unveils the latest innovations from different players in the pool industry, providing us a platform to exchange ideas and insights of the pool heater technology. We are very excited and looking forward to meeting our visitors at the event.”


Showcases on the exhibition:

i-GreenLine Series - New inverter R290 swimming pool heat pump

l i-GreenLine Ultra

l i-GreenLine X

l i-GreenLine X with a transparent design

l i-GreenLine Iron with a transparent design

l i-GreenLine Max


SpecialLine Series - Mini pool heat pump with compact structure and stylish appearance

l SuperMini with 4 different colors

l Penguin Mini


Air-to-water Heat Pump For House Heating, cooling+DHW

l R290 GreenTherm Series